Congratulations! You have found my top secret fun page. This is a page dedicated to all the non academic, fun activities I like to keep myself engaged in to stay smiling every day.

Play Snake Oil Online!

I'm trying to build a working version of the popular card game Snake Oil, online. Check in here to see if it works! Please note, this is just a personal project and I do not own the copyright of the game from Hasbro.


I have always been very interested in theatre. I have acted in both amateur and professional plays since I was 10, and find it to be the perfect break from my otherwise busy life.

Controlla Android App

I am a big fan of the Android ecosystem, and have made a fully functional Android App named 'Controlla'. The app uses Bluetooth signals from an Arduino to control media playback on an Android device.

Raspberry Pi

Since the day I received my Raspberry Pi as a birthday present, I have started seeing the world different, constantly trying to find a new project! So far, I have completed two projects. Find more information here!

Outdoor Recreation

I absolutely love adventure activities such as white water rafting, rappelling, jumaring and bouldering. I don't often get as much time as I would like out doing these things, but I jump at the opportunity when I can!


I started going to coding challenges and hackathons in 2014. At Boilermake 2017, we created a Chrome extension promoting rights to media shared over the internet.


I absolutely love puzzles, both logic puzzles and jigsaw puzzles. My team came second at Google Games 2015 through a variety of puzzles and programming tasks.


I have been playing basketball and tennis since I was very young. I enjoy playing all sports, and love getting a workout without having to go to the gym!

How old am I?

I like growing old, but it's also a slightly terrifying concept. I'm trying to keep track of exactly how old I am every day!

Web Development

Recently, I've been trying to teach myself web development. I'm messing around with simple code for now, but I love being able to create a webapp that is responsive and could be used for a variety of purposes!

Tic Tac Toe

Grab a friend and try your hand at this simple Tic Tac Toe Game!

Game Stats

Game not in progress.
Click on a cell to start!

And many more to come!

With my inquisitive nature and tendency to take things apart, I know I will have many additions for this page. Stay tuned for more!