Corporate Projects

In the fall of 2017, I will be working on a project with Current, by GE to improve their inventory management processes across their entire supply chain. Upon successful completion of this project, my team and I will be awarded a Six Sigma Green Belt for our ability to generate substantial revenue, improve quality management and foster change through the DMAIC process, illustrated below:

At the new Health Education Campus, students from Case Western Reserve's schools of medicine, dental medicine and nursing will come together under one roof to change the direction of healthcare education by working side by side—and using the latest technology. I am a part of a group that will monitor the behavior of certain teams performing construction work at the project site and will make recommendations for change to these teams.

Hardware and Software Projects

  • Electrically programmed an AM radio
  • Used sensors to create an autonomous car that navigated a complex track
  • Programmed an FPGA board to play a game on a VGA monitor with a USB keyboard using Quartus and C++
  • Used a micro-controller to receive data from muscle sensors, recognize patterns in the sensor data, and pass the information on to an HC-05 Bluetooth transceiver
Designed C and C++ based programs to perform operations such as...
  • a Sudoku builder
  • a ‘snake’ game
  • a photo editor
  • a pick-your-own-adventure game
...using recursion, data structures and debugging skills
  • Developed a Google Chrome extension using JavaScript and HTML that facilitates media sharing across social media platforms
  • Developed an Android app that can use sensors to simulate vacant and occupied parking spots and display for a user's convenience
  • Developed an Android app that worked with muscle sensors, analyzing the various EEG signals, converting them into digital codes, and eventually controlling music playback on a mobile device
  • Used a Raspberry Pi to convert an old printer into a modern, Wi-Fi enabled printer
  • Set up an always-enabled home voice assistant service to create a smarter home environment


  • C
  • C++
  • Java
  • Python
  • HTML + CSS
  • Latex

  • Assembly - LC3, machine language
  • FPGA - Quartus (with C++ integration)

  • AutoCAD 2D and 3D (specialization in Mechanical and Electrical Drawing)
  • PTC CREO Parametric with Fluid Lines, Welding and other external applications

  • HyperMesh, HyperView
  • Abaqus CAE

  • Microsoft Office
  • Visual Basic

Please click below to find a list of all coursework I have completed at Case Western Reserve University and the University of Illinois.